Quartz kitchen countertops are famous for their durability, style  and low maintenance requirements as compared to other types. However before you purchase, it is mandatory to understand all the points that can drive you with maximum benefits. 

The same is why we have assembled this ultimate guide about finding the best quartz kitchen countertops with minimum effort. So, without any further discussion, let’s jump into the content. 

Your guide to finding the best quartz kitchen countertops 

1: Determine the color 


In the first place, it is imperative to understand and choose what color would suit your space best. Many confuse “Choosing the right color” with “Choosing the matching color.” However, the case is different. Determining the color is based on what color suits your kitchen best. The most common and easy way to do that is by carefully looking at your kitchen and noticing which color is in abundance. Now, look at the color wheel to find the contrasting color. And that is it; you have found your perfect match. 

2: Select the thicken 


Thickness is another crucial point to consider. Generally, 1.25 inches of thickness is preferred for the kitchen countertop. However, you can alter it according to the weight of the appliances you plan to put in that specific place. Make sure to ask for recommendations from the supplier when purchasing. 

3: The edges 


Lastly, pay attention to edges. That means styling your counter with plain and straight edges. Waterfall edges, slightly curved from the ends, are also in the market. More intricate edge options include laminated, bullnose, or fully funded edges. The selection depends upon what kind of people you would be cooking for. If you are clumsy, go with the rounded options. If not, you are all set to endorse those classic plain edges. 

The content above is your guide to choosing the suitable quartz slab for your house in 3 steps. So make sure to read carefully. 

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