American households immensely love quartz slabs for their resilience against scratches, cracks, and atmospheric changes. Nevertheless, choosing the accurate material to install a durable slab is equally essential, considering its sizes and dimensions. 

Keep reading. The forthcoming content will explain different slab sizes and help you choose the perfect one for your kitchen space. 

Your guide to choosing the right slab size for the kitchen 

1. 1 CM quartz countertops 

Due to their contemporary look, the 1 cm thick quartz countertops for kitchens are also known as narrow or thin kitchen slabs. 

These are lightweight, cost-effective, and perfect for small spaces. The 1 cm countertops would also work best if you are planning to install a vertical backsplash. 

2. 2 Cm quartz countertops 

The 2 cm countertops are perfect for balancing aesthetic appeal and functionality. You can also use the same thickness for your bathroom slabs because it provides ample support and strength without any additional support or pillars. In addition, you can mold the design to your liking and needs. 

3. 3 CM Quartz 

3 cm or 1.18 inches thick quartz countertops are one of the most potent countertops available out there. These are extremely strong and last for years. 

Also, if you are into the restaurant business or need slabs for any other commercial usage, 3 cm quartz countertops are the way to go. 

Install it for professional kitchens or bathrooms, and they will remain in their place without any wear and tear for years. 

Factors affecting the choice of countertops 

Following are some of the factors 

  1. Durability: use 2 cm or 3 cm quartz countertops. 
  2. Aesthetic appeal only: use 1 cm countertop 
  3. Professional usage: 3 cm countertops

The content above suggests multiple types of countertops for different usage and a few factors worth considering. 

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