Black Granite

Black granite is also known as dark granite or night granite, as it has a slightly peeling
appearance on the surface. The stone is mined from the earth’s crust, comprising multiple
minerals, including quartz. The structure is more of a crystal side that looks amazing. People
searching for granite for professional use can consider this option.

White granite

White granite is popular in the United States due to its fresh and classic look. It is a natural
stone in a milky white color with a slide of opaque white minerals visible from the surface. It is
usually used in places with less space and more people.

Green Granite

The green granite in Miami is famous among those who like to make things fancier. In addition,
it is a highly versatile option that can be adjusted in almost all kinds of house settings.

Brown granite

The brown granite looks a bit reddish. It is a fantastic choice for all those whose living space is
explored by sunlight. In addition, spaces with white walls and floors can be an excellent choice
to incorporate brown granite.

Red granite

Lastly, the red granite is famous for its vibrant vibes. The slab in Miami can be used to
incorporate structure and a unique design in a living space.

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