Quartz slabs are known as the best and the most potent countertops. Nevertheless, many people need to learn that these material slabs are further subdivided into multiple types and categories. Wondering what are they? Be clear, as we are here to help.

Keep reading. The forthcoming content will explore some of the top types of quartz slabs and all the essential information. 

Bellingham quartz countertops 

The first and the most famous slab type is the Bellingham quartz. It is an exciting fusion of timeless elegance and durability that stays with you for decades.

 Crafted with a high-quality quartz crystal, the surface remains radiated while the base provides exceptional resistance against weather wear and tears. One can rely upon the quartz for an instant sparkling transformation when enhancing the kitchen. 


Campina quartz countertops 

The Campina quartz countertops are known for their endurance. The surface represents natural beauty with high performance. The best part is that these countertops are available in the most expansive colors and shades. So whether you are looking for a classic black or a unique shade of brown, the Campina should be your first choice. 


Fusion Quartz

As the name says, fusion quarts are meant to infuse a particular color with another color. As a result, an exciting and unmatched color scheme is generated. The innovative material is also low maintenance, making it a perfect choice for those on a budget. 

Italian waves countertops 

Last but not least, the Italian waves quartz slab holds the essence of scenic beauty with detailed design. It obtains flowy patterns that are amazing. 

At the same time, the high-quality material makes it a material that is resistant to climatic depreciation. 

Quartz slabs have emerged as a significant option in the renovation. The content above discussed the top 4 types of quartz countertops to help you decide better. 

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